Have you ever considered becoming an HVAC Distributor? It doesn’t take a degree to be successful. All that’s required for this venture is knowledge about air conditioning and heating systems, along with business sense! Your market will most likely include real estate developers as well as large industrial site owners among others who need your services.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are used in both commercial buildings as well residential areas. In small spaces like an office or home there’s only one system needed; whereas on larger scales with many floors above ground level it becomes necessary to install separate machinery for each floor since they all need their own temperature controlled environment despite being so close together before running into problems if not already equipped.

Finding brands to represent

You can become an HVAC wholesaler for many different manufacturers. Your choice will depend on how much money you want to invest in running your own dealership, as well the type and amount of marketing assistance that is available from these companies before making a final decision. Wholesalers are given monthly quotas; if they do not sell enough equipment than there could be penalties fees imposed upon them by their supplier or even losing business altogether because suppliers usually don’t want anything dealing with loss streamages happening constantly. It’s important to have a lot of capital when you’re starting your business because it can cost anywhere from $1 million dollars upwards for the HVAC system and after sale services.

Select a Location

man sawing pvc pipe

To find the perfect site for your HVAC distribution center, it’s important that you do not skimp on location or space. Many manufacturers have particular requirements when choosing where they will sell their products and services- be sure to take these into account before making any final decisions about which commercial property might work best! Might I recommend looking at properties like small stores with plenty of room available? Think about what type of inventory might fit into this building so there are no problems down the line – especially if things get busy quickly after opening day due customer demand.

Hiring People

You can’t run the HVAC distribution center on your own. In order to do so, you will need employees like technicians who provide after-sales services and sales representatives for stores in different regions of an area as well people that work at headquarters managing inventory levels or marketing strategies; these individuals are not only qualified but also paid professionals with extensive training materials provided by manufacturers ready when needed!

Build your client base

Use events like construction trade shows or industrial parks to build your client base. As an HVAC wholesaler, you will need new customers in the form of real estate developers and commercial office buildings that require individual temperature control systems for their employees; this can be done by attending industry-based networking sessions where building contractors, procurement specialists and managers come together at these types of locations with potential clients who are interested in buying products from yours specifically – which also may help increase awareness among other professionals working within related industries about what services/products exist out there!