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Century 255 AMP Wire Feed Mig Welder

The Century 255 is built for the professional. With twelve heat settings which allow you to weld from 20 ga. sheet metal up to 1/2″ steel in a single pass. Welds 18 ga. to 1/2″ using Flux-Cored Wire. Unit includes 15′  magnum® 250L gun and cable assembly with .035 contact tip, MIG welding nozzle, adjustable gas regulator and hose, reel adapters for 2″ and 3″ wide 8″ diameter spools, accepts larger 33lb. and 44lb. spools of wire, instruction manual, 10′ input cable with attached plug. Built in thermal overload protection. Running gear with integrated single gas cylinder rack on base. This is a big, heavy-duty unit!


  • Continuous Wire Speed Control
  • Sturdy Wire Feed Design
  • Multi-insulated Transformer for Reliable Operation & Long Life
  • 15′ Magnum 250L Gun & Cable Assembly with .035 Contact Tip
  • 10′ Work Cable with Clamp
  • MIG Welding Nozzle
  • Adjustable Gas Regulator & Hose
  • 10′ Input Cable with Attached Plug
  • Spool Gun Ready

Rated Output:

  • 230V:255 A/26.8 V @ 20% Duty Cycle
  • 230V:150 A/21.5 V @ 60% Duty Cycle
  • 230V:120 A/20.0 V @ 100% Duty Cycle

Additional information

Weight 216 lbs

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